Il Ceppo

In 1995 Franco Rossi bought the Il Ceppo factory from Giorgio
 Imperatori. In the past he had collaborated with Bruto Sordini
, the owner of the Don Carlos factory, the latter with Guidi
 Giancarlo of the Ser Jacopo company who originally founded the
 Mastro de Paja factory. Like most Italian pipe makers, not
 even Franco Rossi distinguishes his pipes using his name but 
with the words Il Ceppo which refers to the origin of the 
briar pipes.

Although his combination with the shapes of the
 brands is visible, Franco Rossi has developed a personalized
 style whose peculiarity consists in the faceted heads, rarely
 found in Italian pipes. The annual production is around 1500
 pipes of which almost half is exported to the States United 
where the Il Ceppo brand is, with good reason, very well
 known. All its products boast careful processing, excellent
 yield and briar from Calabria

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