Sea foam is generally known as the "white goddess" It is 
composed of hydrated magnesium silicate (scientifically 
referred to as sepiolite) found in Turkey and Tanzania.
 The best sea foam used in the processing of pipes is the block
 one from Turkey. The material originating in Tanzania is
 geologically much younger than the Turkish one and does not
 give the same yield and does not even have the same truly
 white color as the Turkish one, extracted mainly in the
 region surrounding Eşkisehir. smokers because they do not
 require running in, do not suffer burns and allow the tobacco
 to retain its aroma. Many prejudices, many outdated
 maintenance guidelines and many incorrect advice for use have
 led to a decline in the popularity of the foam pipe in the
 past. In reality, the rules to be respected are few, one is,
 for example, that these fragile pipes should not be emptied
 by beating them against hard objects, but this also 
applies to briar ones. All individually packaged with a 
unique artisan process.

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